Northern Michigan in Focus: Deviant Motions

The music business is a very tough business, but for one Grayling musician it’s all about self-reflection and the journey.

Corey Adkins explains in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“I started writing this album, Deviant Motions, and it took me about five years to complete the record, which is such a long time to work on a project. But I think that’s what needed to happen. I didn’t force anything and I let everything smoothly fall into place,” said Jake Allen.

To use the word talented on Jake Allen is almost an understatement. 

Prodigy might be a better word.

“I never started playing music to be known or to be respected, it just really came from a place of therapy. I write music because makes me feel,” explained Jake.

His response in return is his new album Deviant Motions.

“The title comes from a departure of the way I used to do things, both musically and mentally, and the idea of motion is always prevalent in my music,” said Jake.

And it truly is his music. You’d be hard-pressed to pigeonhole Jake.

“I’ll read reviews of my music and all the sources and the bands that they try to compare them to, all of them are different. There’s never really any reoccurring bands, so to me that saying I’m not ripping us off from anybody and that’s good, it feels authentic and it feels like it’s truly coming from a place from truth,” explained Jake.

That truth has gotten him worldwide recognition. He’s endorsed by Takamine Guitars and Rees Harps. Yes, that kind of harp.

This fall he’s touring overseas in places like Lithuania, China and Japan

So if you need some fresh and authentic music in your life, you might want to give Deviant Motions a shot.

“My writing comes as a place of self-reflection, self-healing and self-analysis and places where I’m trying to be true to who I am, and try to figure out what my places in the world and what it is I’m doing here, and I always try to make the music justify that.”

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