Friends, Fitness & Free Passes at the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA

The Grand Traverse Bay YMCA’s want you and a friend to find fitness together—and give them a try.

In honor of Friends Day on August 5, the three Y’s are allowing anyone, even non-members, to use their facilities for free from August 5 to 11.

The catch is they have to come with a friend.

As a bonus, if the guests enjoy their experience, they can join for half-off.

Marketing & Communications Director Beth Barbaglia says it’s a great way for the community organization to show off what they have.

“We have tons of programming going on, tons of opportunities, and sometimes people just need to get into the facility to understand what it is we have to offer,” she says. “We wanted to open up our facility for people to come in, even if they’re not members, as long as they come with a friend. So we want people to come in pairs or threes or fours—just get a group of friends you can work out with. Because we think fitness is always better with a friend.”

This special promotion ends on Saturday, but until Labor Day, all GT Bay Y members can bring a friend for free.

For more information about their special promotions, head to their website here.

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