New App Could Transform How Teachers Pay for Classroom Supplies

Teachers all over the country are using money from their own pockets to help pay for supplies in their classrooms.

But one Northern Michigan woman has developed an app that might help change this practice for the better.

Crystal Evans, creator of Supplies n Things, says this app is currently being tested in Northern Michigan—but she hopes it will soon catch on across the country.

The idea behind this tool is that it will help teachers fund the supplies they want and need for their students.

“The inspiration behind this was knowing some teachers who spent upwards of $500 to over $1,000 in classroom supplies or things needed,” Evans says. “Maybe there were things that weren’t school-approved that they just wanted to get for their classroom.”

To make the app possible, Evans partnered with a private foundation called the Live 80/20 Foundation.

“They believe in the educators are doing for the kids and they believe that the app will work so they are financially backing this,” she says.

While the app will only help with school supplies for now, Evans is planning to add even more features to help teachers.

“Right now we are going to be rolling out just school supplies but even in the very preliminary stages we have a program that we have setup for potentially for food for children and then scholarships,” she says.

For more information about Supplies n Things, or to learn how to get involved in the app’s testing, visit or check them out on their Facebook page here.

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