Next Step College & Career Planning Helping Students After High School

“The word we hear most often is overwhelmed,” said Deanna Sayer, owner of Next Step College & Career Planning.

To avoid that feeling, Next Step College & Career Planning in Traverse City is doing all the work for you.

“Each student we develop their own personal plan,” she said.

Owners Deanna and Rick Sayer offer hourly consultation or a membership.

Mary is heading to Grand Valley State University in the fall thanks in part to her Next Step membership.

“Having Deanna was amazing through my junior and senior year because as much as I want to enjoy my last few years of high school, she made it easy that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on things,” said Mary Chesney.

Setting up college visits, directing her through the various application types, showing her available scholarships, and directing her through financial aid.

The next step even officers ACT and SAT prep classes.

“She was always two steps ahead of me, I’d say ‘Deanna, I heard this in the hallway, do I need to be worried,’ and she’d be like ‘we are doing that next week,'” she laughed.

Deanna and Rick are just one phone call or text away for students and parents pretty much 24/7.

“Constantly,” said Cecilia Chesney, Mary’s mother. “I am the one that’s not available and she keeps reminding me texting me, she’s always available.”

A program designed to answer all the unknown, all to help you get to that next step.

“The earlier you start, the more money you can save, so if you start planning early with your SAT testing, with the merit money you can earn for your test scores going up, that’s a huge saving,” said Deanna.

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