Isabella County Courts Face Possible Election Shake-up

Like many northern Michigan counties, Isabella County will have a full pallet this election season and a few of the elections might cause a shake up in the court system.

Due to the previous prosecutor resigning, a new special election for the prosecuting attorney in Isabella County falls on the same year that voters will replace a probate judge and a circuit court judge. These are three major positions in the court system that may now have new people in the seat.

The probate judge position will surely be replaced as Judge William Ervin is retiring but acting prosecutor Robert Holmes and Circuit Court Judge Mark Duthie are seeking re-election.

“This election cycle, there’s a lot more key positions that are being paid more attention to,” says Mt. Pleasant police officer Dave VanDyke.

The identity of these judges and prosecutors don’t always change how things finish out but the police in Mt Pleasant are hoping that doesn’t mean much for their end of the business.

“It’s usually status quo with us and our investigations we put together a report send them over the prosecutors office and from there it’s whatever their policies and procedures are at that particular time,” says VanDyke.

Four republicans are running for prosecutor to one unopposed democrat in the primaries while judges are non-partisan positions and the two highest vote getter Tuesday move on to the general election in November.

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