MSP: Northern Michigan Couple Charged With Extortion, After One Tried Posing as FBI Agent

“They had discussions before this where she presented herself as a special agent with the FBI,” Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll, said.

State police say they arrested a Northern Michigan couple after the woman posed as an FBI agent and her partner worked alongside her to commit extortion.

Anthony Hudson and Joy Kitson were arrested last week.

Police say Kittson posed as an FBI agent at the urging of Hudson in an attempt to reclaim a car from a victim that Hudson knows.

Imagine your phone rings, when you pick up it’s someone you’ve had a history with requesting that you give them your car and when you decline, they put a federal agent on the phone.

“The gentleman puts a female on the phone and she interjects and says she’s a special agent with the FBI and she’s going to arrest her if she doesn’t turn this over and she needs to give this to him,” Lt. Carroll, explained.

Police say the victim in this case had that exact conversation, on the phone was Anthony Hudson, Joy Kitson was allegedly playing the role of FBI agent.

“She immediately thinks something is wrong and calls the state police.

We tell her, why don’t you agree to meet her at a business in Gaylord,” Carroll, added.

Police say the victim agreed to meet Kitson right here in Gaylord, they chatted for a few minutes but waiting nearby were to troopers in an unmarked car.

“This is just a step further where they took it to actually show up  and try and impersonate a federal law enforcement officer,” Carroll, added.

Police took Kitson into custody on scene and later went to Hudson’s home in Harbor Springs, where he was arrested.

The two face multiple felony charges and each could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

“This was an isolated incident, but if you ever expect something is not right, don’t hesitate to call law enforcement and we will step in and see if there’s any legitimacy to it,” Carroll, added.