Abdul El-Sayed stops in Traverse City for Rally

Next week, Michigan voters will decide the candidates in November’s gubernatorial election.

Friday night, Democratic candidate Abdul El-Sayed visited Streeters in Traverse City for his last stop in Northern Michigan before the community heads to the polls August 7.

The rally was bustling with people, who heard him speak and got to ask questions afterwards

El-Sayed talked about his desire to shut down Line 5 and to protect the Great Lakes. He answered questions about raising the minimum wage and legalizing recreational marijuana.

His stances include rebuilding public schools and increasing spending per student, universal health care and preventing predatory tax foreclosure and eviction.

9&10 News spoke with El-Sayed about what he wants to do for Northern Michigan.

“We’ve released a comprehensive rural agenda. It touches on everything from access to internet which is parse in a lot of these communities to access to high quality farms, to small business to a responsibility to stand up for access to high quality transportation to stand up for the economy and the environment out here,” said El-Sayed.

Campaign volunteer Maggie Singer says he’s the only candidate who takes a strong stance on issues.

“I think that he’s a true progressive,” said Singer. “He’s the only one that’s come out and said he get rid of Line 5, we don’t need it, Michigan doesn’t benefit from it.”

Republican John Roth, of the Grand Traverse County Republican Party says that El-Sayed’s ideas are not plausible.

“From the GOP perspective, I don’t think we support a whole lot of what he has to offer,” said Roth. “Backing it up with a plan to actually pay for these things is another matter.”

El-Sayed’s next stop is Saginaw on Saturday, August 4.