Harbor Days Takes Over Elk Rapids

Harbor Days is back for another year in Elk Rapids for another annual celebration.

Year after year, thousands of people gather for all there is do, play and learn at the harbor.

Just a few things to do include yoga on the beach, the Bicycle BMX Stunt Show, an amusement carnival, and a car show.

“We have been all over the country we have been to California and back a couple times, been to Texas about 14 times,” explained Russell Summerville.

Taking their talents all over – but this week is a special week for The Freestyle Connection.

“This is my first time in Elk Rapids, it’s interesting I like it with the water, got a good view here, nice back drop, lot of boats, it’s cool,” he said.

Likewise a special week for Elk Rapids.

It’s the 63rd Annual Harbor Days.

“Oh this was a super fun crowd because you can just tell this is a laid back town, I like it, small town and I noticed just walking up and down the street everyone says hello,” said Jon Dowker, the CEO of The Freestyle Connection.

The biggest crowd-pleaser and jaw dropper – the box jump.

“It’s designed for guys to shoot up in the air and do gymnastics-type tricks on bicycles,” he said.

Jumpers reach about 3 times their own height – 15 feet high.

Life is all about balance.

Some stick to the ground, but even on the ground those tires are getting air.

“Some people associate it with break-dancing on a bicycle, ballet, figure skating, but it’s just bringing different and creative moves and coming up with new moves and tricks and trying to make it look good,” he said.

“I love riding and people cheering you on just gives you a little motivation to go a little bit bigger, do a little bit better,” said Summerville.

Always circling back to the reason they ride in the first place.

“Our team was created to promote a tobacco and drug free lifestyle, it’s a big reason why we do this,” said Dowker. “I think it’s the first step to accomplishing hopes, dreams and goals, and that’s what everybody wants in life, is to be happy and I think avoiding those things is the first step.”




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