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Supreme Court Clears Way for Anti-Gerrymandering Ballot Proposal

Promo Image: Roundtable Discusses Advantages of Voting for Proposal 2, Doing Away With Gerrymandering

Michigan’s primary elections are now less than a week away, but the state’s Supreme Court just ruled that a proposal to change the way Michigan draws its voting districts will be on the November ballot.

Right now, the lines are drawn by lawmakers and can unfairly favor one party.

This proposal aims to change that by creating an independent redistricting commission to draw the lines.

“So citizens are in charge of selecting the districts in a non political way, they have nothing to gain they simply want them to be the most representative of the voters of Michigan,” says Voters Not Politicians board member Davia Downey.

Now, voters will decide if that will go forward in November.

“Gerrymandering is one of those things that’s invisible to the eye but the impact you can see all over the place,” says  Downey.

Opponents in court included the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, not necessarily opposing the measure itself, but saying it is too much of a change to the state constitution for a simple ballot proposal.
“The proposal is not a single amendment to the state constitution,” says Chmaber Executive Director Richard Studley, “but instead a major or fundamental re-write.”