Bay View Association to Vote on Amending Bylaw

We have continuing coverage over religious discrimination concerns within a private Emmet County community.

Members of the Bay View Association in Petoskey will be holding a private meeting this weekend to vote on changing a community bylaw.

The resort community, associated with the United Methodist Church, requires property owners to be Christian.

A group of Bay View members filed a lawsuit last summer arguing the association’s rules violate First Amendment rights by keeping non-practicing Christians from buying or inheriting homes in the community.

Bay View argued it’s exempt because it’s a religious organization.

The community will vote on Saturday to amend the bylaw that required members to be Christian.

The change would only require members to respect the principles of the Methodist church.

It would also do away with a rule that required new members get a reference from a pastor or other church leader.

Stay with Northern Michigan’s News Leader for an update on the vote’s outcome.