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Harrison 1978 Corvette For A Cause

“Typically we try to go, if it’s in that Monday it’s out that Friday,” said the owner of S&S Collision, Jacob Stuhr.

That’s typically the motto for S&S Collision in Harrison, but owner Jacob Stuhr is working on a project so far totaling more than 300 hours.

“Fully restore a car and raffle it away to the public,” he said.

He’s restoring a 1978 corvette.

“Was in very rough shape, had an original laquer paint job on it was cracking, falling apart, falling off and the interior was moldy and the carpet was ripped out, the seats smelled bad,” said Stuhr.

It’s come a long way the past four months.

“It’s all wet sanded and everything and I’m gonna get it polished up,” said Stuhr. “So we have done a frame off restoration, all new suspension, had the frame powder coated, we stripped the body down to fiber glass, we bought all new interior pieces, new tires, so we are going all out on this thing to make it the nicest ’78 we can.”

And dropping in a 350 small block GM crate engine, all this work for one lucky winner.

“So what we are doing is selling $100 raffle tickets and anyone can buy them as many as you need,” said Stuhr.

But S&S Collision won’t see a penny.

“All the proceeds are going to the Harrison or Clare sports boosters, we are splitting the profit 50/50, however they can use it to better their sports programs and better the fields and the basketball courts and anything else,” said Stuhr.

A corevette made for miles – with the idea that students will be able to tackle more miles on the field or out on the court.

“Now that I’m knuckles deep in this one I am super glad that I did it and I’m super happy with the ways it’s come out, so it absolutely will be worth it,” said Stuhr.

Stuhr wants to thank Wallace Repair, LLC for the mechanical assistance they’re provided restoring the Corvette.

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