Sault Ste. Marie Working to Repair Osborn Preserve, In Memory of Former Governor

Sault Ste. Marie is celebrating its 350 years of history and some want to make sure one of their most important historical figures continues to be celebrated.

Chase Osborn, former governor of Michigan, is to this day the only governor from the Upper Peninsula.

While in office, Osborn spent a lot of time on Sugar Island and nearby Duck Island where he maintained a home and library.

Some around the area say that the property now known as “the Osborn Preserve” is falling apart.

So, they’re reaching out to see if there’s a way to repair it.

“This is a plea to the public and to U of M and to anybody else that’s interested, lets pool together resources, let’s find a way to do this. He gave back to the community just as much as he gained,” Joseph Paczkowski, said.

Paczkowski started this Facebook page in honor of the governor.

The Osborn Preserve was donated to and maintained by the University of Michigan, who still use the space for biological research and education.