New Visions to Revitalize Cadillac West

The effort to improve the area known as the Cadillac West Corridor continues.

Members of the community got together in May to discuss developmental changes that could improve Cadillac West’s M-115, M-55 corridor.

On Monday, a report on those potential changes was presented to the community.

Lisa Leedy, executive director for Alliance of Economic Success says back in May about 80 people came together from a variety of different backgrounds to offer input on what they would like to see as far as improvements.

The study report done by the Alliance for Economic Success and Networks Northwest highlighted a new upscale vision for Cadillac West.

“My initial thoughts is that it gives the city of Cadillac, along with our neighboring township jurisdictions a lot of good opportunities and good things to think about,” said Marcus Peccia, City of Cadillac City Manager.

The vision includes adding more sidewalks and making the area more pedestrian friendly.

Maria Francisco is the Cadillac Ice cream Company supervisor and she thinks more sidewalks is a good idea.

“We get a lot of business from the campground right down by the canal so if we added more sidewalks that would be kind of helpful for them because people walk from there and I know it would probably make business easier for them too because there’s not a lot of business on this side of town,” said Francisco.

One of the suggestions made was to add more navigational signs and city signs to help brand Cadillac.

The report also touched on potentially adding a roundabout at the M-115, M-55 intersection to tame traffic.

“Driving on M-115 is pretty dangerous. It’s one of the most dangerous highways in Michigan and a lot of people speed through here anyways and it’s just really hard to navigate and it’s dangerous driving,” said Francisco.

“So I think if we can just get control of the traffic and the safety issues I think it will help all the businesses on this area,” said Leedy.

To make any of these potential changes happen they’ll need a planning commission and grant funding.