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Arts for All and SOS Learning Lab Use Artwork for Communication

A Grand Traverse County nonprofit is aiming to use artwork as a form of communication.

They’re focusing on your abilities and helping you grow and express yourself through different art projects.

Arts for All in Traverse City is aimed at people with any ability giving them a chance to express themselves through different forms of artwork.

“Art is the universal language so it’s vital to humans to have that self-expression and that communication piece even if you’re maybe nonverbal,” Grace Hudson, Executive Director of Arts for All.

These Arts for All summer sessions give everyone a chance to participate doing all different kinds of hands on art.

“There are approximately 29,000 individuals with disabilities at least recorded in the five county area,” says Hudson. “That’s a huge number and we’re serving around 2,500 with disabilities.”

“We provide accessible art and culture opportunities for individuals of all abilities and we make sure they’re accessible for individuals with disabilities,” says Hudson.

Inviting the community to feel included and participate.

“We have two awesome young ladies that have been joining us this summer for drop in art,” says Hudson. “One has a traumatic brain injury and one has Down syndrome and they’re both fantastic young ladies who have incredible abilities, but anyone is welcome.”

Giving an outlet of creativity in a safe and one on one environment.

“I hope that they take away being able to just relax and breathe and not feel pressure and to create confidence and to just feel good about themselves and participate and not have any barriers and boundaries,” Debbie Caperton, Owner of SOS Learning Lab.

For information on additional art for all summer sessions head to their