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All Aboard The SS Badger For The Pirates Of The Caribbean Shoreline Cruise

Promo Image: All Aboard The SS Badger For The Pirates Of The Caribbean Shoreline Cruise

“The SS Badger is the best cross lake ferry I must say,” several passengers on board agreed.

This 410-foot ferry typically takes passengers across Lake Michigan between Ludington, Michigan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Hooking people in for this night’s cruise however…..

“We add a little pirate color,” said Michelle Soper with the , a group dedicated to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Not making it to Wisconsin and instead, wandering waves in the fresh water of Lake Michigan for the pirates of the Caribbean Shoreline Cruise.

“It thrills us to see so many passengers to come on board in their outfits that was so that all these people got dressed up, we love it,” she said.

Jillian and Molly’s favorite part, was taking off.

“Leaving the doc and seeing everyone on the shore because we are usually the ones on the shore, not on the boat, when it was a little bit further out, there was a ton of lights and the light house, it was really cool, yeah and I could see the marina and the light house light and stuff,” agreed Jillian Bird and Molly White, friends visiting from downstate.

And it only got better.

“We were up top for a little bit dancing and stuff,” she said.

The pirates of the top deck were moving their feet to the beat of the live band.

And no need to walk the plank if not dressed up, but most put on their pirate’s best.

The best of the best put their outfits to the test in the costume competition.

“Pirates can’t wear the same thing every time,” laughed Soper.

While staying on the shoreline, the real treasure these pirates found was being able to experience one of their favorite things in a new way.

“We both live in the Ludington area and the history of the Badger is such an incredible thing, we are so lucky to live in a community with such beautiful beaches,” said Phil Riges, also with the Pyrate Head Club.

“We love the badger, we live here, we listen for it, the horn coming in going out and it’s just part of our life,” said Soper.

For more information about the next shoreline cruise on August 15th, click .