Ferris State University Kicks Off Traverse City Film Festival With Short Films, Virtual Reality Games, Artwork

The Traverse City Film Festival is back and bringing you more than just films.

The festival doesn’t officially start until next week but Ferris State University is getting a head start, showcasing what their school has to offer.

To kick off the 2018 Traverse City Film Festival, Ferris State University students had the chance to showcase their hard work and see it on the big screen.

“These short films are amazing, they’re human interest stories,” said Dean of Extended International Operations Steve Reifert. “So there’s a young lady going through chemotherapy treatment, there’s someone evicted from their lease housing if you will.”

They’re bringing you more than films with a virtual reality game created by all students.

“This version, three months we had a team of five,” said student Justin Evans. “With VR the hard part is it’s so new, there’s no documentation so it takes us a bit longer and we also have to make sure we don’t make people sick.”

They’re even bringing pieces from a major art collection at their Jim Crow Museum.

“About four or five months ago the museum and the university received a collection of Polaroid’s from David Levinthal,” said David Pilgrim, vice president of diversity and inclusion. “We thought we would bring some samples of that; we received more than 100 from the Blackface series, we received a dozen or so from two other series, the Barbie series and the Mein Kampf series.”

It’s chance to show how important the arts are and all the possibilities students have.

“Its going to sound like a cliché and I apologize, young people are our future,” said Pilgrim.

They will also be hosting two workshops next week for a chance to experience it all for yourself.