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Summer Sounds At Michigan Legacy Art Park Welcomes Jonathan Timm

Promo Image: Summer Sounds At Michigan Legacy Art Park Welcomes Jonathan Timm

Performers are taking the Michigan Legacy Art Park stage all summer as a part of Summer Sounds.

It’s a concert series with a new artist and new genre every Friday.

Thompsonville will be able to enjoy the incredible music of the Jonathan Timm Band.

“It’s an eclectic series so there’s something different each and every week,” said Troy DeShano, the event coordinator.

Jonathon Timm is from Traverse City.

“I have been playing music since I was about 8,” said Timm. “I started playing guitar when I was 15, started writing songs in my teenage years and continued doing it up through adulthood.”

He typically plays with four or five other people.

“I was in Nashville for six and a half years writing songs, recording, playing with the band, and I moved back last year to Traverse City and started a new band,” he said.

He says it’s a mix of styles.

Somewhat classic rock in tone, but more along the lines of Indy, Folk, and alternative.

“I think it’s a unique opportunity to catch music in a setting like this and not just any music, I feel like our music is a select slice of the pie for Northern Michigan,” he said. “It’s our last show of the summer, so if you’re interested in my music and you want to see it live, which I think is the best context to hear it, this is your last chance for the summer.”

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