Benzie County Corrections Officer Attacked By ‘Mentally Ill’ Inmate

A Benzie County corrections officer is going through physical therapy after she was attacked by an inmate.

The sheriff says the inmate was mentally ill when the attack happened.

He says the man was arrested the night before.

The inmate then attacked the officer while she was serving breakfast.

He broke her nose and injured her elbows, and she now needs physical therapy.

The sheriff says the jail was nearly full, and they’re short on staff.

“Half of our crew is off and we’re having to supplement and we’re using our road patrol deputies to fill the gaps cause we can’t overwork our corrections staff because they get burned out,” Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said.

It also happened in a part of the jail not shown on security cameras.

The sheriff says a new security camera will be installed there, along with another blind area.