Babysitter’s Meet and Greet Comes to Grand Traverse County

Searching for babysitters can be difficult, especially in the Grand Traverse County area.

Now, one local woman is helping with a solution.

Elise Cleary is a local mother and she made a babysitters meet and greet available to those in the area.

Potential babysitters or families looking for one can fill a form and attend the get together in hopes of finding a perfect family and babysitter match up.

It’s a safe and easy way to make sure your child is taken care of and that you have access to local babysitters.

“In this area daycare is hard to come by especially if you have multiple children and daycare centers are just so full there’s a huge need,” says Cleary. “So if you need a weekend sitter, somebody in the evenings, or just a couple of times a week it can be challenging to connect with the right sitter.”

This application can connect you with the right sitter and it can be found on The Cherry Life website.


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