New Technology Hub Incubator, 20Fathoms Opens in Traverse City

Hundreds were in attendance to celebrate the grand opening of a new work space for businesses and entrepreneurs in Grand Traverse County.

20Fathoms is a Northern Michigan company that is a technology hub and start up incubator.

The new location is in downtown Traverse City on 101 North Park Street.

“It’s about bringing entrepreneurs together to be collaborative and it’s about putting together different categories of people in this area like investors, mentors, various expertise, and getting them to collaborate and work together,” said Andy Cole, 20Fathoms executive director,

A project that has been in the work for two years. Finally coming to life and opening its doors in downtown Traverse City.

“It’s a lot of fun to show the community what you’re doing and I think that’s going to help our growth but really we’re just getting started and I think the exciting part is getting to showcase what the entrepreneurs are doing in this space,” said Cole.

The space is designed for collaboration and already is at half capacity despite just opening up. One of them being from Grand Rapids.

Amy Chambers is the co-founder and chief of operations of Health Bridge Financial that has a space at 20Fathoms.

“There’s nothing better for an innovator or entrepreneur than to be surrounded by other people who are going after the same pursuits and I really like the way this one is being put together,” said Chambers.

Justin Blanchard is the chief of operations and chief of technology officer of Sample Serve who also has a space in the building.

“What this type of place does like an incubator is it gives a place for people to come in that already have a lot of knowledge with technology products to come in and when they have ideas about stuff they can meet other likeminded people,” said Blanchard.

The application process is very selective but they are always looking for new innovators who are looking to do big things in the tech industry.

“When you see Grade A talent you just can’t say no sometimes,” said Cole.