4 Acres Near Grand Traverse Co. Elementary School Contaminated With PFAS

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has found an area of land in Grand Traverse County contaminated with PFAS.

The MDEQ says four acres in Blair Township, 900 feet west of Blair Elementary School, are contaminated.

In 1995 the property use to be owned by Carl’s Retreading, a scrap tire collection and recycling site.

A large tire fire started in the tire shredding machine and burned for several weeks.

Crews used aqueous film forming foam which contains PFAS to suppress the fire.

It is now confirmed that PFAS are in the groundwater site.

Right now the Grand Traverse County Health Department is working to identify wells in the area that could be affected, including Blair Elementary School.

Results are expected as early as next week.

The health department recommends homes in the area use filters or bottled water until test results come back.

Low levels of PFAS are found in some food products and naturally in the environment. But if drinking water contains high levels of the toxin, it can be dangerous.

The health department says it could affect growth, learning and behavior in children. It also could increase the risk of cancer.