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Edson Farms Serving Healthy Options Since 1979

Promo Image: Edson Farms Serving Healthy Options Since 1979

What’s considered health food has changed dramatically over the last several years, but there’s a familiar name in Traverse City that has been there for all of those changes.

Edson Farms has been in business since 1979—and continues to evolve.

And while the meaning of health food has changed a lot since then, the specialized service at Edson Farms has not.

“It used to be granola and bulk foods, and now it is everywhere, all grocery stores have some component of health foods,” says Owner Jessica Edson. “So we just have to focus on specializing in people with food allergies, items you can’t find everywhere and really being on point with new trends that are coming on the market and listening to customers just trying to find the niche markets available.”

For Chris and Jessica Edson, that means a fresh deli and juice bar, local meat and dairy, and what they’re calling the largest selection of supplements in Northern Michigan.

Staying on top of what shoppers want is practically a full time job.

“We have to know what the trends are, that’s why I go to food shows and read trade magazines every day and I listen to my customers,” Jessica says. “They’re actually the best source of knowledge, but it’s hard to keep up. That’s why people come here to get their questions answered if they’re confused about what they’re supposed to be doing.”

And it’s that personal service, that attention, that sets this store apart from other options like online shopping or big box stores.

“We value our customers, and when you come in here we’re here we really are here to help you,” Jessica says. “You should be greeted at the door. We’re here to help you in the aisles if you have questions. This is where I think people can come and if there’s any confusion about items they don’t know about, this is where they come to get an answer and we’re here to help.”

Because it’s not always easy navigating your way into better health, and you know these guys have the history to back them up.

“It’s an honor, really, to say that next year we will be 40 years that we’ve been in this community,” Jessica says. “It’s amazing, it takes a lot to run a small business and to sustain for that many decades—it’s wonderful. We’re proud to be to have this business.”