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Dancing Through Co-Creative TC 2018 At Leelanau Studios

Promo Image: Dancing Through Co-Creative TC 2018 At Leelanau Studios

“I started dancing in 2014, winter of 2014, honestly because a pretty girl asked me to take a dance class with her,” laughed Jacobi Williams, founder of Co-Creative Partner Dancing.

An unexpected route but a few years later, he was hooked on his new favorite activity.

“We wanted to open a space to really push dancers in Traverse City to learn to social dance, to create with each other,” he explained.

So Jacobi Williams opened Co-Creative Partner Dancing LLC with his friend.

He stays quick on his feet by practicing un-choreographed dances like this with other friends like Stacy.

“I really like the connection that is made between two people, you can have a dance with anyone and have a story with them,” said Stacy Arnold. “I don’t even have to know their name and I can still have that connection.”

Safe to say that Jacobi agrees, as he has a smile on his face for every step.

Now his goal is to dip a little further in the world of dance.

He hopes to travel, teaching others about his passion, starting right here in Traverse City.

“This weekend is Co-Creative TC 2018, it’s the second annual weekend-long fusion dance event which is what all co-creative dancing is,” he explained.

He will lead the event with 8 teachers from around the country, and a 9th traveling from overseas in Trinidad.

“We are going to be teaching workshops all weekend, there’s going to be social dances, a performance on Saturday and a small competition on Sunday,” said Williams.

From Caribbean dances to lyrical, it’s a workshop designed to get everyone’s feet moving, no matter experience or age.

“Anyone that wants to learn to dance, I’m in my mid 20’s, we have 16-17-year-olds coming as well as 60-70-year-olds coming, so anyone who wants to dance, we want you here,” he said.

Dance has lifted his own spirits…

“I feel very confident,” he said.

Now he’s hoping it will do the same for others.

“I wasn’t the most confident kid growing up, even in college, so this was an opportunity for me to find a part of myself I didn’t have before,” he said.

Of all the workshops this weekend, Stacy can’t wait for the social dances.

“A social dance is where you get to dance with multiple people, typically partner dancing you get to, you don’t have to stick to one person if you don’t want to,” she said.

They’re both aiming to reach out to others who will share their joy in hitting the floor,

“Dancing is just so great, it’s fun, it keeps you young, keeps you healthy, keeps you happy,” Williams said with a smile on his face.

To sign up for Co-Creative TC 2018 or for more information about Co-Creative Partner Dancing, click .