Osceola Township Earns Appeal in Water Fight With Nestle

The saga of between Osceola County’s underground water supply and Nestle takes another step in their battle in the court systems.
This week Osceola Township was told their case against Nestle Waters would be seen by the Michigan Court of Appeals.
This follows a decision by a Mason County Circuit Judge to allow Nestle and Ice Mountain to build a “booster pump” at their well on 9 Mile Road near Evart.
This would allow them to increase their pumping capacity, the township says it violates their zoning for the area.
The township wants to clarify the use of the property and make sure it is being used for its intended purpose, which right now they say is agriculture, not commercial.
The appeals process is believed to take about a year to finish and then would either allow Nestle to build the pump, ask for the property to be re-zoned or they could take it to the Michigan Supreme Court, all depending on the outcome.