Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office Rescues Bear Hit By Truck

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office rescued a bear and walked it back into the woods after it was hit by a truck.

The Sheriff’s Office responded in Suttons Bay after a bear ran out into the roadway and was hit by a truck.

The bear was completely under the truck.

The Sheriff’s Office was able to very carefully maneuver the truck to get the bear out from underneath.

Not only did they give the bear a few water bottles, they actually walked it back into the woods 100 yards to get it away from the street and back to safety.

“It was a very, very thick wet area,” said Sheriff Mike Borkovich. “The bear actually walked on a log and actually ran ahead of us so it was kind of nice to see it was doing real well; it laid down one more time and I prodded him up again and took off and went into some very thick brushy wet area where a bear would like to live .”

Sheriff Borkovich tells us neither the bear or the driver were hurt.