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Credit Score Tips From A Man Who Raised His

Promo Image: Credit Score Tips From A Man Who Raised His

The average credit score in Michigan is 627, but the average score for a person in “good standing” is above 700.

If your number makes you cringe, here are four ways to improve your score from Registered Investment Advisor Sam Price, who says he raised his credit score from 500 to 800.

Tip 1: Pay Credit Card Debt

First thing to do is pay your credit cards before they’re due and try to keep your credit utilization under 30 percent to maintain a healthy credit score.

Tip 2: Credit Cards are a Tool

Second, use credit cards as a tool not a crutch. If you do use plastic, consider their rewards programs and charge only what you can afford to pay off right away.

Tip 3: Track Your Progress

Next, keep an eye on your credit score, it helps you track your progress and is a good incentive to try and improve it. You can use tools like credit karma and mint to check your scores for free.

Tip 4: Make  Budget

Finally, make a budget and stick to it. It’s about having a plan and following through to help you stay on track.

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