Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Driving Drunk

A Charlevoix County sheriff’s sergeant pleaded guilty to drunk driving, and will spend the next six months on probation.

Sergeant William Sheets was arrested early last month.

Investigators say he was arrested with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit on U.S. 31. 

Sheets pleaded guilty to operating while impaired.

In court he described the incident, saying he was on his way home from a friend’s campfire where he had been drinking.

On his way home he stopped for another drink, but was stopped by state police on the way home.

Even though it involves an officer, the prosecution says the case is handled the same.

“With someone being from law enforcement, it doesn’t really affect how we approach the case. Whether someone is from law enforcement or not, they are still a person who is facing legal challenges at this time,” explained Otsego County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Trusch. “We look at the case as we look at any other case. It is obviously disappointing though when someone from law enforcement does something like this, as he is probably in the best position to know better than to do something like that.”

The sheriff says Sheets has worked at the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office since 2005 and has never had any disciplinary issues.