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Bikes for Kids Announces Sixth Winner

Aliyah with her new bike, that matches her outfit and nails! She also got a pink helmet and bike lock.

Meet Aliyah Screws, 8, of Shepherd, the sixth winner in the Bikes for Kids giveaway happening this summer. Peggy Dickman, Aliyahs’ third grade teacher at Shepherd Elementary, nominated her because of her kindness, leadership, and wisdom. Ms. Dickman describes Screws as a “quiet leader” who “always sets good examples for other children.” “She is kind and considerate to all children, and always makes wise choices leading the way for others to follow.” Immediately after finding out about her nomination, Aliyah ran to her bedroom to find Ms. Dickman’s address to write her a thank you note.

One of the ways Aliyah exhibits these leadership qualities is by helping with the nursery at her church. “I get to do all of my favorite things, like play with kids, and I’m helping them [the adults], so they don’t have to work so hard,” Aliyah said.

Ms. Dickman says Aliyahs’ classmates frequently come to her for advice when dealing with friend issues. “Aliyah always works hard and is quick and eager to help in any way possible,” Ms. Dickman said. When talking about why Screws so readily helps those around her, she said “If you’re just helping yourself, the world might not be a better place. If you do something good for them, they might pass it on.”

Be sure to enter a kid you know or share with those that can recommend amazing kids to win this giveaway by clicking the photo below or using the link: . It will continue for the next four weeks – for the next four deserving winners!

To learn more about the giveaway and its conditions, read this .