Coast Guard Suspends Search for Overboard Boater in Lake Michigan

Coast Guard crews have suspended their search for a person who fell overboard while sailing across Lake Michigan for the 110th Annual Race to Mackinac Island.

Boaters with the Chicago Yacht Club took off from Chicago around 11 Saturday morning to sail the more than 300 miles across Lake Michigan to Mackinac Island. Around 2:00 p.m., the Coast Guard received a report about a person falling overboard around 5 miles east of Navy Pier.

About 20 boats and 3 helicopters were used in the efforts to find the sailor, identified as Jon Santarelli. But after nearly 7 hours of searching, the Coast Guard announced they’d be suspending their search.

Last year, several people had to be rescued from the lake when rough weather caused their boat to capsize.

The conditions also kept about 100 of the 300 racers from crossing the finish line.