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The Four

Up-cycle Your Space: DIY Wire Art

In this edition of Up-Cycle Your Space, our own Katy Washburn-Bowyer explains her creative outlet, demonstrating how to create a little piece of home using only wood, nails and wire!

1. Find the picture you want to use (preferably a silhouette or something without fine detail) and print it out to size.
2. Using painter’s tape, fix the image to a piece of wood in keeping with the design.
3. At regular intervals, mark the locations of your nails using a pen, being careful not to place them so close the nail heads touch and prevent you from wrapping the wire.
4. Drill small, shallow holes into your markings.
5. Using a thin strip of wood (roughly 1/4″) as a height gauge, drive your nails into the wood.
6. Select a color of wire and begin with the perimeter of the image.
7. Once the perimeter is finished, begin to criss-cross.
8. When it looks finished, it is! Hang and enjoy!

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