Michigan Agencies Release Risk Analysis For Enbridge Line 5

State agencies just released a risk analysis for the impacts of a potential oil spill from Enbridge Line 5.

The nearly 400 page report includes a worst case scenario that would cost $2 billion.

The independent study found a rupture of the pipeline could cause up to 58,000 barrels of crude oil to leak into the Great Lakes.

This would impact more than 400 miles of shoreline in Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada along with risks for 47 wildlife species and 60,000 acres of unique habitat.

The reports and risk analysis will help the state make a final ruling on Line 5 which is expected by October 1st.

Executive Director of “For the Love Of Water” says they have been waiting on this report for three years.

She says the $2 billion price tag should not be the takeaway and the report underestimates the economic impact.

“It should be that this report illustrates the magnitude of harm and the complexity of the situation and therefore it should trigger immediate action to decommission the pipeline,” said Liz Kirkwood, executive director of FLOW.

Enbridge sent us a statement saying:

“The scenarios presented in this report are purely hypothetical and the probability of the events actually occurring is extraordinarily unlikely because Enbridge operates our pipelines with multiple layers of safety in mind.”