Hearing Against Man Charged With Sex Crimes in Otsego County Postponed

“The rule requires for a hearing, this is a hearing.”

It was a contentious start to the preliminary hearing in the biggest case of alleged sexual assault in Otsego County history.

A judge postponed the hearing of Raymond Neeley Thursday.

Neeley faces 60 counts of criminal sexual conduct.

We first told you about this case in April, following Neeley’s arrest, but it was last month the prosecution feared their case was in jeopardy after the alleged victim took her own life.

“Whether it’s today, a week, 10 days, whenever the end of this hearing is, I fully expect to ask the court bind over on all 60 counts,” Otsego County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Treusch, said.

Despite the tragic loss of the key witness, the prosecution believes every charge Neeley is facing will stick.

“The way that we did this was we put down every statement that we expected to be using, and the witnesses we expected to provide those statements,” Treusch, said.

In court defense attorney Jesse Williams claimed witness information wasn’t provided in a timely fashion.

“How in the world could any defense counsel come adequately prepared to hearing that everyone has known about for a very long time, and I have no idea how they are going to connect the dots. I have no idea which witnesses are going to testify to what,” Williams said.

“Contrary to what the defense says the date wasn’t known for a vast amount of time,” Treusch argued.

It was that contentious back and forth that caused only one witness to take the stand before the judge called both parties to the chambers.

“I want this to move along, I feel badly it has taken this long, it’s the circumstances, mostly given the death of the alleged victim,” Judge Michael K. Cooper said.

All parties agree it’s a unique case. And largely evidentiary according to the defense.

“It’s a case that’s going to be decided on a legal matter,” Williams, said.

Following the call for adjournment, Raymond Neeley was denied bond once again.

Neeley is due back in court a week from Tuesday, where the judge will make a decision on whether this case will move toward trial.