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Grant Me Hope: Genesis

Promo Image: Grant Me Hope: Genesis

Meet Genesis, an honors student who loves to dance, sing and paint her nails.

This compassionate teen is searching for her forever family.

“I have a really big heart. I would love to have a family to live with,” Genesis says.

She is 14 year old and in the ninth grade, enjoys Spanish and physical education classes.

Genesis says the family she pictures having is funny and adventurous—and hopefully—in the city.

“I’d like to live in the city because I like the city, not much of a country girl,” she says.

Genesis is an active teen, she likes to play tons of sports, including volleyball, basketball, track, soccer and cheerleading.

And if she could have any three wishes granted in her life, one of them would be to become a professional dancer.

If you want to make Genesis’s favorite food, it would be anything with cheese—but especially macaroni and cheese.

“It’s like my favorite food of all time,” she says.

To learn more about Genesis and many other children who are hoping to find their forever family visit  or call 800-589-6273.