Ferris State University Campus Shaken Up Over Sex Crime Charges Against Hockey Player

“I was really surprised that something like that would happen at Ferris.”

A Ferris State University hockey player has been accused of sexual assault.

Darren Smith is charged with three counts of first degree sex crimes.

That includes one felony charge of injuring an incapacitated victim, punishable by up to life in prison.

Students on campus are shaken up after hearing about these charges.

Smith is from Canada, but came to Michigan to attend Ferris State University where he plays as one of the goalies for the university’s hockey team.

“Hockey is the sport. Everyone goes to all of the games because it’s D1. We all love the hockey players, so it’s really disheartening that there’s charges against one of the hockey players that he would do that,” student Ali Kelley said.

Court records show the alleged sexual assault happened on July 8 at an off-campus location.

“I instantly just felt chills running through my whole body, like it’s scary to think that this happened where I’ve spent home for four years. It was just scary. I wasn’t expecting it,” student Sabrina Timmer said.

The alleged victim is a fellow student.

“Since it was reported I think she’s very brave, I know throughout nursing school we’ve been taught that only 10 percent of people actually report certain things like that so good for her,” Timmer said.

Students like Ali Kelley and Sabrina Timmer say a situation like this is their worst nightmare.

“I feel like as a girl that’s like our number one fear and it’s sad that we have to be afraid of that,” Timmer said.

“They should definitely get punished like to the full extent of what they can get punished no matter if they are a hockey player,” Kelley said.

Smith has bonded out, but must stay in Michigan and wear a GPS tether.

He will be back in court for a hearing next week.