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Promo Image: Traverse City Students Reach for the Sky in Spaceflight Program

Traverse City Students Reach for the Sky in Spaceflight Program

Students in Traverse City are reaching for the sky by conducting experiments in space.

They’re even getting feedback from astronauts as part of their spaceflight program.

One hardworking group of students sent their experiment to space, now they’re working to make sure future students have the same opportunity!

“We were given the opportunity to do something incredible,” Sam Church, Traverse City West Senior High School Graduate.

This is Traverse City West’s third year with the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program Mission 13 and it’s something they don’t take for granted.

“It’s really beneficial to know how you can get involved with things beyond the classroom,” Hayden Holmes, Traverse City West Senior High School Graduate.

So after months of observation, data collection and conducting experiments on earth, they sent their bacteria samples to space.

“It’s not something you just do in a week and then move on to the next project,” says Holmes. “It’s something you have to keep studying and keep going over, keep researching and keep asking more questions.”

Astronauts took a closer look at their experiment and returned a conclusion that their experiment continued to grow in space.

“Pushing this science and math and all this intelligence is very important and allowing students to do this kind of stuff really helps,” says Church.

Now they need the community’s help raising money to make sure this out of this world tradition, continues.

“The excitement of seeing your experiment go to space is one of my excitements when I do this program,” Patrick Gillespie, chemistry teacher. “To know my kids sent this experiment and that it’s going up in that rocket right now, that’s something you can’t really compare to anything else.”

If you are interested in donating to the schools spaceflight program go to their and indicate SSEP in the program description.