Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Arrested for Driving Drunk

“He drank too much and he drove, which he should not have done. That’s not O.K. for anyone to do that, especially us.”

A Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office sergeant has been arrested for driving drunk.

Sgt. William Sheets was arrested in Charlevoix last month.

Police say he had a blood alcohol content higher than point .17 at the time of his arrest.

He’s still on duty. 

Charlevoix County Sheriff Chuck Vondra says they are awaiting results of assessments before they determine an internal punishment, and the sheriff says it’s not something they’re taking lightly.

“He remains effective in his job. He made a mistake, it’s a serious mistake for a police officer, but it’s a mistake nonetheless. We will make our decisions and our judgements when I get those assessments back and move on from there,” said Sheriff Vondra.

Sheriff Vondra says police officers like Sgt. Sheets should and will be held to a higher standard.

“We’re police officers, we know that we are held to higher standard. We know we live in a glass house, we have to keep our windows clean as it may, so there has to be consequences,” explained Sheriff Vondra.

On what those consequences could look like, Vondra says, “It’s going to be punitive, and it’s going to hurt.”

In his close to 15 years with the department, Sgt. Sheets has never had any problems.

“He’s never had any prior discipline issues ever, he’s worked here since 2005, he’s been a valued member of the organization, does a good job,” explained Sheriff Vondra.

Many in the community think he deserves a second chance.

“I feel like everyone should get a second chance but this is a huge one, the example he is to the community to young people, to everyone,” said Don Villwock. “If there’s a way for him to show remorse, maybe even get out into the community, to the young people to tell a story about he messed up and used this to turn his life around. It can actually turn into such a good thing.”

This case is still going through the court. Sheets is expected to take a plea and get sentenced next Monday.

He could face up to 180 days in jail and fines.