Reed City Fire Leaves Woman, 7 Grandchildren Without a Home

“They were luckily all outside so no one got hurt.”

A woman and her seven grandchildren without a place to call home after a fire in Reed City.

Now their home is unsafe to live in.

The seven grand kids who were living in the house range from 5 to 15-years-old.

The family’s home on Chesnut Road in Reed City caught fire Monday afternoon.

Debra Metcalf is the guardian for all seven grandchildren.

She’s legally adopted two of them.

“It did start in here where the majority of the damage is, it went up into the roof in the attic area and that’s the reason they had to cut so many holes in the ceiling,” said Travis Gross, a granddaughter’s boyfriend.

The Reed City Fire Department believes a power strip sparked the fire.

“Consumers Energy responded and pulled the meter so there is no power to the house due to the smoke and water damage in it. It’s unlivable,” said Thomas Updike, Reed City Fire Department Lieutenant.

“Most of the kid’s clothes were ruined. One of our oldest ones is into art and all of her art stuff was in there. The little kid had a PS4 upstairs and it’s completely soaked and then their TV’s and stuff got ruined, all of their blankets and stuff. So all they have is what they luckily had in the garage,” said granddaughter, Kaylynn Metcalf.

One of the seven grand kids has special needs. His favorite things to play with are dinosaurs but he can no longer play with them because they are covered in soot and smell like smoke.

“Right now the Red Cross and the insurance company that they have through their renters insurance, are offering for them to stay in hotels until we figure something out,” said Gross.

A huge burden on this family already dealing with a tragic loss.

“She just lost her husband not too long ago too, so just to add on top of it,” said Metcalf.

The family hopes their renters insurance will cover the hefty fee of $30,000 to $40,000 to fix the damage.

If you would like to help, they’ve set up a GoFundMe page.