Police Body-Cam Footage Shows Car Chase, Shooting with Murder Suspects in Las Vegas

Body-cam video just released by police shows the dramatic moments that unfolded during a car chase in Las Vegas when an officer opened fire.

We’d like to warn you, the video is violent.

Police say they got a call last week about a man shot at a local car wash and the suspects, Fidel Miranda and René Nunez, tried getting away in their SUV, swerving in and out of oncoming traffic and shooting at the officers.

The officer pulls out his gun and starts shooting through his windshield at the SUV.

One of the suspects was hit and the SUV crashed into the wall of an elementary school.

Both Miranda and Nunez had lengthy criminal records.

Miranda was shot and killed during the chase and Nunez faces multiple charges, including murder, because the person shot at the car wash died.