Local Party Members Say President Trump’s Summit With Putin Was Not Successful

It’s not often Democrats and Republicans agree.

But Monday, local party members agree the summit between President Trump and Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin in Finland really wasn’t a success.

“I don’t think a whole lot was accomplished. What I don’t understand is the media. Even the Mueller investigation, everybody says that they know that the Russians tried to influence our election, but in the same breath everyone says it didn’t change the outcome. So if that’s the case, why are even talking about it,” Randy Bishop, chairman of the Antrim County Republican Party said.

“I don’t see any good coming out of it. I believe there has been Russian interference in our election processes. I believe the fact that our president does not accept that even though all of his security advisors have shown proof that it does happen. It’s just not right that this should be going on,” said John Hunter, member of Leelanau Democratic Party.

President Trump left Monday’s meeting in Helsinki celebrating what he hopes is a strengthening relationship between both countries. Democrats don’t think so.

“I think this president will do anything for approval ratings and if he can thinks he can get an approval from meeting with Putin, he will go for it. I’m more concerned about the meeting that was held one on one that he held with Putin that evidently no advisors were in the room with him,” Hunter said.

Republicans do see a silver lining.

“I hope it proves the point that the president can work with world leaders,” Bishop said.

Putin offered to help U.S. investigators looking into Russian meddling, which President Trump called an incredible offer.

But that offer to help U.S. investigators likely won’t be accepted.