Houghton Lake Post Commander Discusses Trooper Involved Shooting

State police say the trooper is now at home resting with family after being released from the hospital.

The trooper was shot Friday during a traffic stop.

The trooper pulled over a car in Lake Township Friday afternoon.

Police say Douglas Sawyer ran from the car and started shooting at the trooper, hitting them several times before turning the gun on himself and killing himself.

Two other people who were also in the car were taken into custody and later released.

No charges will be filed against them at this time.

Any time a law enforcement officer is hurt in the line of duty, it can be incredibly difficult for those who serve with them.

The Houghton Lake post commander says everyone at the post is in good spirits after they got a call Friday that one of their own had been shot.

Houghton Lake post commander, 1st Lt. Josh Lator spoke with the trooper who was shot not long after Friday’s shooting.

“The first time I saw my trooper, I gave them a hug and said all I care about is that you’re okay, that’s the honest truth, is all I cared about is that troop was okay, that family was there and aware that they were supported,” said Lator.

The shooting happened just one day after more than a hundred new MSP troopers graduated in Lansing, a painful reminder of the dangers that come with the oath to protect and serve.

“One day later every one of those new probationary troopers got to see that the State Police family truly does stand together in the hardest times, they pick each other up, they support each other,” said Lator.

As the investigation into the shooting continues, Lator says the last few days have shown how far reaching and united the law enforcement family is.

“All the troopers mean the world to me, this post is a family. When I got that call, it was no different than it someone called and said one of my family members had been injured, and it hit very close to home, my world stopped. We just go out and hit the road again, ready to protect the public and serve the people that we care so much about,” said Lator.

Lator says they expect the trooper to make a full recovery and be able to return to work.