Community Helps Set Goals for Boyne City’s Future

Boyne City is planning their future and the people who live there are setting the course.

The city hosted a community wide “goal-setting,” session, the main goal is improving Boyne City for a better future.

“One of the things that really helps Boyne City make progress is we check back with the residents every couple years and we say are we on the right path or not?” City Manager Michael Cain, said.

Cain says past “goal settings” have been successful.

Recently residents called for improvements to outdoor recreation and signs of progress can already be seen.

“Improving a lot of the trails in Boyne City whether on road or on our Avalanche Mountain which has a number of new bike trails on it,” Cain, explained.

“They have a lot of activities here so it’s really good, but everything could be more,” Linda Scalia, said.

Linda Scalia who spends summers in Boyne City says she hopes to see outdoor recreation continue to improve.

“I think the biking, getting bikes here and more bike paths if they could in the area, and then maybe some fishing piers, more fishing piers that the kids can go to,” Linda, added.

More than 500 people took a survey prior to Monday’s meeting.

The top five issues noted by them are pretty similar to what you see in many Northern Michigan communities.

Number one on the list is affordable housing.

“Thankfully Boyne City has been very successful the last few years, there have been a lot of people that want to come here, and unfortunately that creates and issue of housing, I know workforce housing is something that’s important for a lot of communities,” Rob Swartz, said.

Rob Swartz has lived in Boyne City for 15 years and is on the DDA Board.

“It’s great to get the community together, get input from everyone,” Swartz, added.

The city manager says they are always looking for ways to improve and he encourages any ideas that will continue to brighten the future of Boyne City.