Cadillac City Council Meets, Discusses New Housing Project, Cadillac Junction

Cadillac is making room for a new housing project. On Monday night, the city council gave it the green light.

The project is called Cadillac Castle and it’s a new low income housing for seniors aged 55 and up. The 46-unit development is off of Mitchell Street, across from Dairy Queen.

On Monday, council members approved an ordinance that will allow the property to have a service charge in lieu of property taxes, to keep the development affordable for all.

The meeting also gave people a chance to comment on the project. The mayor says it’s an addition Cadillac really needs.

“There’s long waits on being able to find a place to live, whether it be a house or apartment, and having more choices, provides much more choices and opens up choices all over the city,” said Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins.

But not everyone is thrilled about the project. Konrad Isch lives in Cadillac and makes his living renting properties adjacent from the construction site. He says he’s worried about the potential noise and traffic the building might bring. He’s also angry no one told him about Monday night’s public hearing.

“I have a vested interest in this area, but I was provided no written notice of this hearing,” said Konrad Isch of Cadillac. “I can do nothing but object to this ordinance without first seeing detailed site plans. Bottom line, I don’t have enough information.”

City council members went into a closed session to discuss the contentious Cadillac Junction property.

Last October, the Wexford County circuit court ruled it belongs to Clam Lake and Haring townships, not Cadillac. Cadillac disagrees and is challenging the decision in the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The council met in closed session to hear updates from the city attorney.

“We are just going to get an update with what’s going on behind the scenes with all the parties that are involved,” said Mayor Filkins. “I’m just hoping that everyone is able to work together to be able to provide this wonderful development for the city of Cadillac.”