Acme Township Trustees Approve Zoning Change For Solar Utilities

Acme Township Trustees just approved a set of rules for commercial grade solar utilities.

After seven months of research, the Acme Township Planning Commission voted on a new ordinance to allow solar panels.

This follows several interested solar companies approaching the board over the last year.

Their previous zoning ordinance did not allow for these but now they say they are able to participate in the production of electricity in a cleaner way.

There will be some restrictions but say this could really help an important industry in Northern Michigan.

“This could be a very important tool for farmers,” said Shawn Winter, planning and zoning administrator. “Our township is two thirds agriculture and we value our agricultural community but that market is changing and what this will allow is farmers potentially to drive a steady source of revenue from some of their land.”

The township will start accepting applications at the end of the month.