Hundreds Gear Up for 32nd Annual Ride Around Torch

“Cycling is a great way to be healthy and enjoy a physical activity that’s got some really nice scenery to go with it,” says Paula Anderson, director of Ride Around Torch.

Hundreds of people kicked into gear Sunday for the Ride Around Torch.

The Cherry Capital Cycling Club put on the 32nd annual ride today.

The tour drew nearly a thousand people from 18 different states, Canada and the United Kingdom this year.

There were four different routes for cyclists to choose from, the longest being 100 miles.

The cycling club says that because the roads are marked, it makes it easier for riders who aren’t familiar with the area.

“There are a lot of local people that do this ride, and it’s an opportunity to be together and be on a marked course,” says Anderson. “Others want an opportunity to ride in Northern Michigan and don’t really know the roads, so they can come here and again be guided with road maps that they can use to enjoy the beautiful countryside that we have here and the beautiful cycling roads that we have.”

The Cherry Capital Cycling Club also says it’s a great way to make people aware of cyclists on the road.