Emmet County Party Leaders Discuss Trump, Putin Summit

From northern Europe to Northern Michigan all eyes will be on the historic President Trump and Vladimir Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland on Monday.

“I’m looking forward to them finally getting together, it seems to me that Vladimir Putin just wants to do business,” Emmet County Republican Party Chair Dennis Kelly said.

Kelly says the meeting of the world leaders is long overdue.

“Hopefully [Putin] and Trump come away with a positive agreement of some sort and we can get on with having a peaceful co-existence,” Kelly added.

He thinks long-standing sanctions against Russia will be the topic of conversation.

“I don’t think they will be discussing this nonsense about the Russians hacking the elections at all, they will probably be talking about the sanctions they’ve had on Russia for a long time, see if they can get rid of those,” Kelly explained.

Those on other side of the aisle don’t see any benefit to the meeting.

“I don’t see what can come of this that’s good,” Emmet County Democrats Chair Gordy Bourland said.

Bourland says the Mueller investigation and the 12 indictments issued against Russian nationals this week are reasons why President Trump and Vladimir Putin shouldn’t be meeting at all.

“If there is no specific purposes, or an underlying purpose that is so critical, then why are we doing it? All it does is say, ‘well you hacked our election but that’s okay, well just let that go,’ and I think that sends a very bad message,” Bourland explained.

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