State Trooper Shooting in Missaukee Co. is a Shocking Reminder for Many Local Law Enforcement Officers

News about the state trooper shooting in Missaukee County is sending shock waves through our community, especially within law enforcement across Northern Michigan.

“Bottom line is, it can happen anywhere, and we are so thankful the trooper is going to be okay,” Cheboygan County Undersheriff Tim Cook said.

Getting shot at during a traffic stop, it’s a scenario law enforcement officers are always wary of.

“It doesn’t just happen in cities, it happens everywhere and as law enforcement we have to continuously prepare for all situations that we can imagine,” Cook added.

Undersheriff Cook says training is important but things can change in the blink of an eye.

“We hear about it all the time, how many times do we hear about police being ambushed in the United States? And so that’s where the survival mode and the training and the instincts come in, to help save your life,” Cook explained.

Deputy John Supernault has been patrolling Cheboygan County streets for a decade.

He approaches every traffic stop the same.

“You are looking at the car watching what the drivers doing, is he just sitting there, is there other movement going on?” Supernault explained.

“On approach you are watching for hands, are their hands doing something, are they moving? Cops develop that sixth sense about stuff,” Supernault added.

For many, Friday’s shooting is an unfortunate reminder to always be prepared.

“We constantly have to train and be ready for these type of situations and when they do happen, unfortunately, we rally together and that’s what great about these Northern Michigan communities,” Cook said.