Northern Michigan Churches Receive Security Training for Active Shooting Situations


“We want people to come in and worship, but we also want them to be safe while they’re doing it.”

Local churches got safety tips from experts Saturday.

Churches can be easy targets for shootings, which is why Troopers for Christ spent the day in Grand Traverse County teaching and training churches on security.

The churches’ security teams got to experience active shooter situations and training scenarios, so they can keep themselves and others in the church safe.

Also in attendance was the security group “Training for Life,” which will go into churches and do an initial security assessment before giving them recommendations of strengths and weaknesses.

“With the recent uptick with violence in schools and places of worship, life matters,” said David Schleisman, owner of Training for Life. “Although our law enforcement agencies want to help, they’re often minutes away when seconds matter, so citizens and leaders in the community are taking initiative to do what they can on their end.”

If you’re part of a local church, business or school looking for security training, we have more information on how to sign up here.