Shooting That Injured MSP Trooper Shocks the Community

A Michigan State trooper is in the hospital Friday with non-life threatening injuries after being shot in Lake Township.

“At approximately 1:30 this afternoon the trooper from the Houghton Lake police post made a traffic stop on a vehicle…the vehicle was occupied by two males and one female…after the traffic stop, one male exited and began firing upon our trooper,” said Lieutenant Josh Lator from Houghton Lake.

The trooper was struck several times by bullets.

“At that time the trooper was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries,” said Lator. “The two subjects that remained inside the vehicle are in custody at this time.”

The trooper managed to return fire. The gunman is dead.

“It’s a contained incident, there’s no one at large to the general public,” said Lator.

At this time, neither the gunman nor the trooper’s name is being released.

“To everyone that’s been sending their thoughts and prayers, we thank you very much. We covet those thoughts and prayers for our trooper,” said Lator.

The Lake City shooting making members of the community uneasy.

For most, it was too close for comfort.

Paula Ocerhot lives nearby to where the shooting happened.

“I knew something had to have happened, I was out with the dog walking and checking the mail and I couldn’t believe it,” said Ocerhot.

The scene is near Lynn Marie Kinkema’s house.

Her backyard, a corn field, close to where she says police were looking for the gunman.

“When my husband called me he just told me they were on foot and it’s just at the end of our road,” said Kinkema.

As she found out what happened she made sure her kids were safely inside and the doors were locked.

“Well it was super scary. I was in Cadillac so my husband called and my mom was here and so I just called her right away had her lock up. It’s super scary it was so close,” said Kinkema.

Kim Reyburn heard about the shooting right when it happened across her police scanner.

“You don’t hear about this. I lived in Cadillac before I moved up there. You don’t hear about shootings up in Cadillac or this area. It’s kind of scary. Especially up in this area,” said Reyburn.

“That’s why I moved up here a long time ago. My daughters are here and I’m glad they’re up here away from all the chaos and now it’s up here too it’s horrible,” said Ocerhot.

Police also say the community is not in any danger.