Hometown Tourist: Stonehedge Gardens in East Jordan

It was a dream that turned into reality. Owners of Stonehedge Gardens in East Jordan we’re up North for a visit, came across a property for sale and a dream to start a different life blossomed into reality.

The rest is history.

A story of a different life is now reality through blooms and an exquisite garden built by Cindy and Paul Vermeesch in East Jordan.

“We were kind of looking for I guess you could say plan b and I had always wanted to have a gift shop, never been in retail before, though so it was a big risk.  From what I saw this place had a lot of the bones already here for us to resurrect and develop into now what it is,” said Paul. “The whole idea is really trying to get people to come out here who are gardeners and give them a little inspiration for things that they might be able to do in their own yards.”

The property used to be an old farm, and has some original buildings on it. You can stroll through all their hard work and find peace. Inside their gift shop, they’ve carefully procured eclectic items from all over the country in the off season.

“We have jewelry and cards, and one of a kind furniture, lots of artwork and little signs, a lot of yard art that yard art is our biggest seller that people come here for because they are inspired by the garden and want to take a little piece of something home,” Vermeesch explained.

Paul and Cindy love the people that visit, and the wonderment they witness when people feel inspired by the gardens or the items they’ve found in their bargain barn and gift shop.

“I’d like them to be inspired and take a moment to smell the roses so to speak, calm them down a little bit and take a little bit of that home with them,” said Cindy.

But really, in the end, this place is a dream to visit but a dream come true for Paul and Cindy.

“This is a dream come true isn’t it? We left the rat race we came here, I mean we work hard, but it’s a labor of love,” they both said.

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