BREAKING: Officer Shot in Missaukee County

An officer-involved shooting in Missaukee County left one law enforcement officer hurt.

We have crews across Northern Michigan working nonstop to bring you everything we know about the shooting, the officer’s condition and how community members are reacting.

The shooting happened Friday afternoon on Lotan Road in Missaukee County. Lotan Road is now closed while officials investigate.

Details are still pretty limited right now, but we know that the shooting happened around 1 p.m. following a traffic stop.

State police tell us three people were involved and all three are now in custody, so there is no threat to the community or surrounding areas. 

We are still working with police to learn more about this shooting and the law enforcement officer’s status.

All the commotion following the shooting had people living nearby feeling uneasy.

We talked with one family who lives right near the scene. They say this shooting is way too close for comfort.

The shooting happened just one mile away from Lynn Kinkema’s house.

Her backyard, a corn field, is close to where she says police were looking for the three suspects.

As she found out what happened, she made sure her kids were safely inside and the doors were locked.

“Well, it was super scary. I was in Cadillac, so my husband called and my mom was here. So I just called her right away, had her lock up. It’s super scary it was so close,” said Kinkema.

Again, police tell us while this is still a very scary situation, all three suspects involved are in custody and the community is not in any danger.

Michigan State Police are expected to release additional information about the shooting at a press conference at 6 p.m.

Stay with Northern Michigan’s News Leader as we work to bring you more information.